Sunday, September 11, 2011

Christmas cards

For the last 6 years I have sent Christmas cards over to Auntie How King and Uncle Weng Wah. Every where we went and every person I met has asked me how Emma Jane and Lucy are. I was baffled as to how these people I had never met knew my children's names.
As it turns out for the last 5 years my Aunt has been making color copies of my Christmas card and "redistributing" them to the huge family over here. And they all still have them. Every house I have been to has our Christmas cards for the last 5 years sitting out in anticipation of our visit. (one family even had them laminated.)
Anybody in the states kept my cards for the last 5 years? Didn't think so.
I am touched by this. And my Christmas card list just grew by 30...


  1. I am pretty sure we have all the Christmas cards you've ever sent us. But they're not laminated. Very cute.