Friday, September 16, 2011

Emotional Journey

I am riding on a train heading South across Malaysia. We are just now leaving KL and have left all our family behind. The next 24 hours we are on our own, Tim and I.
We have been welcomed with open arms by every second sister, sixth brother, second cousin, fifth brother's second son... We have been missing out on this whole part of our family we never knew. They were just names until now.
Pooi Fong and How King and Irene sew. Ronnie is the life of the party. Sharon is a talented artist and singer. Lew is warm and generous. Doris is fun loving and the historian of the family. Cynthia, Kitty are my sisters. Weng Wah is the patriarch and story teller of the family who took such good care of us and filled us in on my grandparents history. Kin Kin is our brother, our translator, chauffeur, tour guide, and Ludicrous DJ.
I will miss you all so much. Goodbye Malaysia. This journey has provided insight and taught me the importance of history. I am forever changed.
I am so glad I got to experience with my brother. Greg, I wish so much you could have been here with us. You were in spirit.

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  1. Thanks to your wonderful travelogue, I feel like I was there. Thanks, Sis. I love you and Tim. Safe travels to you both.