Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My current state

We walked into a cave South of Ipoh. This cave was the largest cave I have ever been in. We walked up and down stairs for what seemed like a mile.

We just came out of the cave and my calves are quivering from climbing, my quads from descending, my face is dripping with sweat and humidity. My hands smell like metal and rust and mud. What an experience!

There was a river flowing through the bottom of the cave. They had a raft trip you could take down the river through the mountain. My dad and Uncle were not up for it. Tim and I were dying to go. I cannot describe the vastness of this cavern. And our pictures do not do it justice. They can not capture the scale.

Now I am off to "pay" to use a restroom that has squat holes, no toilet paper and no paper towels. Lovely...

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