Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Monday morning

Goodnight friends in America. Good morning new friends in Ipoh. It is Monday morning and I woke up again at 4:00 am but this time because of a headache. I stayed behind this morning while Tim and Dad accompanied Auntie and Uncle to a breakfast they host on Monday mornings. Today is my Uncle's birthday and it is also the beginning of the moon cake festival. Moon cakes are a pastry filled with a filling that resembles fig newtons. They are delicious!
If I understood correctly there is a festival today and tonight there will be lighting of lanterns. The children carry around ornate paper lanterns.
I do hope my headache goes away so I can enjoy this day.
Currently I am having a cup of coffee on the veranda watching the monkeys swing from tree to cliff. The birds are singing the most beautiful trills. There are bright yellow birds with black under their wings. I do not know what they are but when I get access to the Internet I will consult the great oracle of Google as to what kind of birds and monkeys I am looking at.

Auntie has limestone cliffs on all sides of her house. She tells me that the monkeys on one side are bigger and slower than the monkeys behind her house. They are smaller and quicker. Now these two cliff dwellings cannot be more than 300 yards apart. How is it that they have differentiated themselves into clans. Interesting.

Would someone please develop an app that is Shazam for bird calls. It would work just like Shazam but instead if listening to a part of a song and identifying it; it would listen to a bird song and identify it. Get back to me on that one (preferable before I leave). Thanks

Have a good nights sleep all! I'm going to eat my weight in Moon Cakes today!

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  1. Since they probably don't sell Excedrin over there, I recommend replicating the recipe. You already have caffeine going on, just add aspirin and acetaminophen. Garnish with ibuprofen.

    I hope you feel better soon. Goodnight.