Saturday, September 17, 2011

Singapore Airport

I am inside security at Singapore's Changi airport. I am ready to come home. I have had sensory and emotion overload for 9 days. I'm very tired, I have a headache, and they switched planes so I now have a middle seat.
An 8 hour flight and I am going to be flanked by 2 people...yuck.

Tim told me to pin a note to myself that says "wake for meals". I hope someone snaps a picture of me sleeping with my mouth agape and a note pinned to my chest. That will be just perfect. Now that you have that visual image I am going to sign off from southeast Asia. Off to look at the Koi pond and see if I can buy my way into a window seat.
Goodbye for now


  1. You can have an internet check in before you get on board. You can also select your seat, be it aisle seat or window seat.

    Hope that helps.


  2. travel safe my friend .. we have missed you ..