Friday, September 9, 2011

Went for a swim

We had an amazing breakfast at our hotel this morning. We walked around for a bit and then I went for a swim in this beautiful pool. We must pack now for our flight to Ipoh.

There is a beautiful breeze blowing. There must be a wedding here by the pool later today. I can hear so many different languages around me.

This morning at breakfast I saw what must have been flight attendants for Nippon airways. They were stunning. They had the most beautiful curry yellow high-collar jackets with side slits. They wore skeek black pants They were very regal. Their jet black hair was pulled back and they were all thin and so graceful.

I thought I would be able to find wifi everywhere here, but there is a fee in every case. So I won't be posting much until I can get Internet access again.

I am off to shower now under the rain head shower in our room. I want one of these when I get home.

Tell the girls Mommy misses them!


  1. And to think I was worried about accommodations.......lm

  2. Altogether now: "Modern architecture is awesome!"

  3. did you get a pic of the flight attendants ? .. and only you would use curry yellow as a color !!!