Monday, October 3, 2011

Bye-bye crib

Lucy is three and up until last night still slept in a crib. She loves her crib. It is her nest. She has every stuffed animal in there with her. She talks to them, sings to them, organizes them by genus and species (just kidding...sigh). In short, she was perfectly content to stay in her crib.

But this weekend we (meaning I) decided it was time. It was time to move the play kitchen out of Emma Jane's room and into Lucy's room. It was time to transition her to a big girl bed.

We (meaning Mike) took apart the crib and we (meaning me) cried big huge fat ugly tears about no longer having a baby in the house. No more babies. Just big girls. Sigh.

Bye bye baby....


  1. Umm, as one who went to "High School Information Night" this week, I can relate to the feeling of girls growing older.

  2. ugh .. i can't believe it .. what's next .. kindergarten !! i don't like this getting older business !!