Saturday, October 1, 2011

The fair with a "friend"

Emma Jane was invited to the fair last a boy. And even more shocking...we let her go. He is a very sweet boy and she went with his family. His brothers like to give him a hard time about Emma Jane. So I was impressed he could withstand the ribbing from his brothers to invite her.

They had a great time. They held baby chicks, ate corndogs and rode rides. He and his dad walked her to the door after the fair. She said she had "so much fun, mommy". She even rode a ride that the brothers were afraid to go on. (That's my girl)


  1. How cute. But did she hold the chicks before or after eating a corndog?

  2. Good question, big brother...I will try and find out the order and get back with you. However, the fair is a new breed than when you and I were kids. As you leave the petting zoo there is a gigantic circular hand wash station and antibacterial pumps everywhere. A mother's dream...