Friday, January 13, 2012

Apron with built in Towel

It has been called to my attention that the Creativity part of my blog has been woefully neglected.  So I am going to try and post some of the creative things I have done in the not so distant past.  (I will try not to post about my solar system I made in 8th grade.)

I was in a sweet little diner in downtown Tulsa one day and I saw a girl wearing an apron with a built in towel.  Brilliant!  I asked her if I could look at it, meaning would you please take it off so I can see how it is made.  She obliged.

Then the next night I cut out the material from fabric I had on hand (don't start) and opened a pack of Williams Sonoma towels (also on hand) and whipped up this little number.  No pattern.  Just super simple and easy and freakin' brilliant!  Who doesn't need a towel when cooking!  Love it!

 And for an instagram photo of my new apron and my sweet Lucy...

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