Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby gifts

Okay...I have a problem.  I get a little carried away when people have babies.  I just LOVE baby stuff.  I have an entire collection of baby blankets and baby onesies waiting in standby in the craft room should one of my friends call and say "I'm on my way to the hospital and I can't have this baby without some personalized blankets, bag tags, burp cloths and onesies!"  I mean this is the kind of baby emergency I LIVE for!

So I stay up late at night (or all night) crafting away in my workshop.  Then I rush to the hospital with something like this...

 And because I had been anticipating the arrival of this little girl (and teaching her mama how to knit) I just so happened to knit her a hat or three to include.

And because I have an embroidery machine and a sewing machine (and a serger), and a few plain white burp cloths in my storage vault, I made her a burp cloth or two...
And then because I have pink and blue suitcases lying around in case I need to rush personalized paraphernalia up to the hospital, I package it all up and wait for the sun to rise.

Don't judge me.
Welcome to the world Libby!  May your head be warm and your luggage tagged!


  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! you are soooooooo talented. we need to open up that store we talked about years ago!!!! Lori Partin

  2. Beautiful! But maybe switch to decaf?

  3. This is not "that one time Emily went nuts and made tons of baby gifts" I myself have been the recipient of a suitcase (or 3) of handmade baby treasures. Each item was used well and is now neatly tucked away in a keepsake box.