Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charlie and the River

Last week I decided to take Charlie out for some leash training.  If I want her to run with me she has to learn to walk on a leash.  It was sunny and 66 degrees.  Emma Jane has piano near the river, so I changed into running clothes, packed up the puppy and some training treats and headed for the Arkansas river.  Charlie and I dropped Emma Jane off at piano and then parked at the river.

Here is how I saw things going...
Me with my sweet chocolate lab getting the "awww's" and the "she's so cute" squeals.  Not being able to walk because of all the people who want to pet her.  Me watching the sunset on the river while dog lovers gush over my sweet lab pup.  Charlie basking in the attention and treats for sitting and staying.  Me getting a little exercise and fresh air on this unseasonably warm January evening.

Here is how things really went down...
Charlie was jumping on me and scratching my legs as I tried to kick her off of me.  She then started to nip at me with her mouth and you could hear her teeth snapping together.  People were giving me the "oh, you should get your dog under control" look.  I could not take a single step without her wrapping her leash around both my ankles and making me fall.  I fell 26 times.  She jumped up from ground level to snatch the treat bag from my hand and shook it so all the treats flew everywhere.  Then proceeded to eat them all in a slobbery frenzy.  She pulled on the leash so hard I had to plant my feet not to move.  She crossed in between my legs and then around my legs in a hog tie maneuver that, had it not been so annoying, would have been brilliant.  And finally I ended up finding a bench to sit on.  I tied her leash to the leg of the bench and sat covered in dirt, slobber and scratches, lacking treats and the will to continue training.  I briefly watched the sun sink over the horizon and waited, defeated, for the time to pick up my daughter from piano practice.

Charlie was so exhausted that she fell asleep in the car on the way home...snoring...

Do Not GIVE me the "But look how cute she is" line...  She is faking it...

PS.  She starts puppy school on Thursday.  I will keep you posted!


  1. Oh sweet Charlie! This post has me laughing out loud in my office. haha.

  2. i am so sorry for you friend but i can so see all that happening in my mind .. and it has made me laugh .. aloud !!! thank you for the smiles !!!