Thursday, January 12, 2012

Malaysia Book

I have begun work on a photo book about my trip to Malaysia.  I reread my blog and it brought back so many memories.  I have been sorting through photos trying to pick and choose only the best, but there are so many.  I have really been feeling "malay-sick" the last day or so.  In English we have a term "homesick" that we use to say we miss our home.  Even though Ipoh was not really my home, I felt at home.  And I miss you all so much. 

It snowed last night here.  Have you seen snow Kin Kin?  Kitty, you should come over at Christmas to experience an American Christmas.  Cynthia, I would love to cook for you and we could go and try to find the Pioneer Woman.  I am feeling quite nostalgic of my travels to see you all.  I have tried to capture the trip in a photo book but it does not even come close to the experience of it.

Will you please tell my Uncle Weng Wah and Auntie How Kin that I miss them so.  I took video of Uncle Weng Wah telling me stories of my dad's childhood.  I have been listening to him talk and tell stories on my computer.  I dreamed of him last night.  We were walking along a road and he was telling me all his life lessons.  He told me to give away things that I didn't think I could live without.  Strange but I felt so peaceful when I woke up. 

I wish we weren't a world away cousins...
Goodnight to you,

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