Friday, January 13, 2012

The search for Cheongsams

When I was in Malaysia I went on a hunt to find Chinese dresses for my daughters.  I was determined to bring the traditional chinese dress, called a cheongsam, home to my girls.  And I thought I should get one too.  That way we could all 3 wear them and maybe go out to dinner or something.

So my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Irene take us to shop in KL.  I walked into a shop with cheongsams hanging everywhere.  I told the woman working there that I was looking for 3 dresses.  Two for my little girls and one for me.  She said "I don't think we have any that will fit you, we only have double-x-L."  She was so polite.  So sweet as she told me that I was a humongous amerasian heifer who could not be fit into regular clothes.  I politely asked "is there a big-and-tall-and-fat-american/asian store around here?"

Here is a picture of what I brought home...

The shirt I am wearing is an XXL, by the way.  The largest size they had... Dress would not zip up...


  1. All of you look GORGEOUS!!!! Love you girls!!!

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  3. Don't worry, I may need XXL too.