Monday, January 23, 2012

Wishes for Baby

Because I have a printing addiction, a friend of mine asked me if I could make "wish" cards for an upcoming baby shower. I had never heard of wish cards before so I went out to Pinterest to take a look.
These little cards are for baby shower attendees to fill out their wishes for the baby. What a great idea! I printed these up for baby Libby's shower this past weekend.

I had so much fun reading what people wrote. A few of my favorites were...

I hope you ignore...Ignorance
I hope you get... Everything you want. If not, my cell number is 405-555-xxxx.
I hope you aren't afraid... of Owls (her mommy got lots of owls as shower gifts)
I hope you knit
I hope you always...remember your manners
I hope you aren't be different
I hope you get...your mom's laugh

I had a great time at the shower. I wish I had pictures of the amazing food (hint, hint, Katie)

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