Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Facebook Exchange in Limericks

Me:     A challenge from a dear old friend
           Write a limerick about me and send
           To facebook I’ll post
           And hope for the most
           Comments right after the end
Tosca:  Did you just call Eddie Old?
Me:      yes
Eddie:   It's true that four decades have passed
             Maturity's upon us at last
             Dare I muster the nerve?
             Does memory serve?
             Tosca, weren't you the elder of the class?
Tosca:   Dagger! 
Eddie:   She feels somewhat slighted, I see
             My friend who is older than me
             Didn't mean to displease 'er
             To cite Julias Caesar
             Is she asking, "Et tu, Ed G?"
Me:       Four decades? I don't understand
             Denial, the name of the land
             "Young" mother of two
             My age I'll eschew
             I'll just keep my head in the sand
Eddie:    Four decades, I'm 'fraid that it's true
             Where it went, I haven't a clue
             No need to be down
             With your head in the ground
             You still look like Miss NSU!
Me:      Your comment comes quite as a shock
             I was hoping that most had forgot
             The days of the crown
             I still wear around
             The house when I vacuum and mop
Eddie:    LOL" doesn't properly toast
              The hilarity of the last post
              Miss NSU,
              Miss Limerickin', too
              Must admit, that's far better than most!

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