Saturday, June 9, 2012

Addendum to Azul Sensatori

Since this blog is more of a journal for me than anything else, I am going to record what is really going on in Mexico. 

So here goes...

I did order room service.  It took an hour to get here.  In that hour Lucy asked 40 times, when am I going to get to eat?  I'm hungry.  She was relentless.  She heard me order food and she thinks that things are instant.  She thinks that everything is instant.  When she thinks it, it should appear.  So the hour wait was quite a challenge.  I would like to blog that she sat on this beautiful king size bed and was adorable and sweet while her dad and sister slept in the next room.  But she was a little shit.  Then when room service finally arrived we had only this one small table to put our food on.  And even though we ordered 4 breakfasts, they only brought 2 silverware set ups.  So only Emma and Lucy got to eat. 

And nothing was right for Lucy.  She didn't want syrup.  She didn't want bacon.  She wanted my tater tots.  She didn't want orange juice.  Constant whining and complaining.  Her default is unhappiness.  Her default is disobedience.  Her default is defiance.

I took my food out to the balcony to eat and realized that I had no silverware.  When I came in to call room service to tell them they only gave us 2 sets of silverware, the birds swooped in and ate my egg white omelet with fresh fruit.  They even got my coffee.  Lucy dropped her fork on the floor so we only had one set of silverware among 4 people, but since my breakfast was gone, it really didn't matter to me anymore.

I have lowered my expectations a lot in the last few years.  I don't expect more than 6 hours of sleep.  I don't expect to eat my food while it is hot.  I don't expect to enjoy an entire day without something going wrong.  I did expect that ordering room service would be simpler than getting Lucy dressed and finding a restaurant.  Must lower them some more.

We are in a separate part of the resort from the rest of the family.  I decided the day before we came down here to "upgrade" to adjoining rooms so the girls could have their side and we could have ours.  My thought was that Lucy, who wakes up at the crack of dawn, could watch television until Mike and I woke up.  The thing is that Emma sleeps late now.  So I find myself ushering Lucy to our side to watch TV and letting Mike sleep in.  Expectations unmet.  And it turns out that my little "upgrade" was a huge mistake.  We are so far from the others, we might as well be on vacation alone.  It is a trek to get to them.  They are in the premium section (where we would have been had I not paid $700 to upgrade).  When we asked yesterday morning if there were any rooms we could move to, in order to be closer to our family, they said no.  But somehow another guest and their little boy got "upgraded" to a swim up suite in the same building as the rest of our family because they were out of rooms.  I lowered my expectations for fairness.

As I type this Lucy is in time out sitting on the sofa in our room.  She does not get to go swimming as she has resisted the most simple of requests...put on your shoes, sit on the sofa, put on your swimsuit.  I am supposed to be working on the playlist for the rehearsal dinner tonight, but instead I am venting on this blog.  But since I have about 3 people who actually read it, I figure I can say what I really feel and this will be a better venue for my frustration than going to the balcony and screaming at the top of my lungs.

I am surrounded by people with no responsibility.  They do not have children.  Only the bride has a son and he is staying with his grandmother.  They only have to take care of themselves.  They only have to make sure that they eat or wear sunscreen or get rest or don't drown.  They do not have to dress anyone, wipe anyone's bottom, take anyone to the bathroom, wait for the poop to come out, referee arguments, or make sure 3 other people are happy.  I am tired of responsibility.   I am tired of lowering my expectations of happiness.  I am tired. 

And the birds ate my breakfast.

It shouldn't be this hard...



  1. I don't know how much longer you're there, but you need to go back to the front desk and ask to see the manager on duty. Tell him/her of your dissatisfaction so far (make a list; embellish). Tell them you want another room and don't take no for an answer.

    Sorry about your breakfast.

    I love you.

  2. I hate that you are struggling, or should I say that Lucy (and the birds) are causing you to struggle... You are one amazing woman, I certainly hope you know that. It's only human that you would feel exhausted and I certainly hope that you aren't beating yourself up for that. Try to enjoy the rest of your vacation, love you dear friend!