Friday, June 22, 2012


This has been my favorite word for as long as I can remember.  I don't know when I learned it, but it beats out "polyatomic" by a long shot (my second favorite word).  Anyway, this last year in third grade Emma Jane learned about personification.  When she told me about personification in the car on the way home from school, I said "Oh, that means the same thing as anthropomorphizing, which is my favorite!"  She had me pronounce it a couple of times and now it is her favorite word.

Lucy anthropomorphizes a lot.  I mean a LOT.  "Pink blankie is lonely"..."White silky wants me to hold her"... the list goes on and on.  When we were in Mexico at the dinner table she said "Brown blankie wants to go back to the room and go to bed."  Emma Jane said "Lucy, will you please stop anthropomorphizing!" 

It is now Emma Jane's favorite word and she uses it correctly no less.

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