Monday, June 4, 2012

Cassie's Wedding

What a beautiful day for a wedding.  We went to Norman, Oklahoma this past weekend for our dear friend Cassie's wedding.  I have watched this girl grow from a pre-teen to a young lady.  She is near and dear to our heart.  I think I cried more than her mom did. 

Cassie is an independent spirit with bright red hair.  She can sail a boat better than most men twice her age.  I have been on many a boat with this girl and have learned more than I care to admit from her skills.  Nothing scares her.  She joined the Marines when she was 18 and again, I cried more than her mom.  It made me so nervous.  But she, of course, handled it with ease.

And now she is getting married to Brandon, whom she met in the military.  They are two freckle faced red heads and they are so adorable together.  Cassie has always been a shining star.  She always beams this big beautiful smile that makes you feel so special and like you are in the presence of the sun.  But nothing compares to the smile that Brandon brings to her face.  Surrounded by family and friends she was positively radiant. 

And what a great time we all had.  Emma Jane was a great flower girl.  She feels special to have been included in Cassie's wedding weekend.  Cassie said to me "I am not sure that girl gets how special she is to me...I feel like I helped raise her."  I said back to Cassie "I am not sure you get how special you are to me...I feel like I helped raise you."

Of course I was a camera nazi as always.  Lucy just ignores me now.  She just thinks I make a clicking noise when I breathe. 

Congratulations Brandon and Cassie!

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  1. Aw, I remember her now. What a great post. Everyone looks so nice.