Monday, June 11, 2012


Let's see...where was I?  Oh yes, the birds ate my breakfast...
After losing this breakfast to the birds, I sat in the room with Lucy for an extended time out while Mike and Emma went to the Premium side to swim.  I worked on the playlist for the dancing that would follow the rehearsal dinner that night.  Lucy was tired of missing out on the day, so since I was not finished I took my laptop to the pool.  I worked on the playlist poolside and even in the restaurant.  It took my mind off of being pissed off at the hotel, my youngest daughter, the birds, the travel agent and was just starting to enjoy the day again.  Then a very managerial lady walks up to us at the pool and says that she understands that our room number is 4419.  And that room number is not in the premium section and to "maintain the quality of their side of the resort, they ask that only premium guests occupy this side."  Oh hell no.  Uh uh.  She did not.

Davis was sitting there and had bought 9 or 10 rooms for this trip and everyone is in the premium section except for the poor schmucks who shelled out an extra $700 for adjoining rooms.  And WE ARE BEING ASKED TO LEAVE?  I was so sick of explaining why I deserved to be there, I started to pack up and almost pushed the lady into the premium pool she was standing in front of.

Why doesn't she explain to my kids why they can't play with their uncles and cousins?  Because their parents were stupid enough to spend more money to get downgraded. The day just got worse.

I really don't know how to get the bad taste out of my mouth about this place.  It seems that every time I am about to, someone pries my mouth open and pours a little more salt in.  

As the day wore on, I became increasingly agitated.  Soon it was time for the rehearsal dinner and I was seething still.  But as soon as we walked onto the beach and the sea breeze was blowing and the tables were set, I just let it go.  I just took it all in and thought, this sunset is everyone's.  It doesn't belong to the rich people.  It belongs to those who are smart enough, sober enough and quiet enough to take it in.  It belongs to the people who are here to celebrate this night as a family and we are family.  We are a mixed up bag of step brothers, half sisters, cousins, step uncles and ex-laws; but we are family.

We had a wonderful dinner in the most beautiful setting I could imagine.  We had toasts to the bride and groom and then we danced the night away to the playlist that I had made.  Emma Jane started calling me "DJ Mama."  I kind of like that nickname.

Lucy even let us take a few pictures of her...
And since I made the playlist, and I could add any damn song I wanted, I played Kenny Chesney's, Beer in Mexico song.  The music, the beer, the sunset and the dancing worked their magic to bring the zen back...

PS. the next day was equally awesome, ending with the wedding.  But I have to go to the beach now...

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