Monday, July 23, 2012

Art Camp and Madeline

Emma Jane went to Kravis Summer Arts camp for two weeks this summer.  She loved it!  Of course, she loves art and they dabbled in so many of the, music, sculpture, painting, beading...  This camp was definitely a great idea and we will be going back.

The last day of camp they had a presentation by all the campers in the auditorium.  Different classes sang and did skits and danced.  When it was her turn she played a solo on the soprano recorder in the style of Native American flute.  She also played the drums on one piece.

Emma made friends with a young artist named Andrea.  She described her as having golden hair.  I agree, she does have golden hair.

And this young lady pictured below is Madeline.

Ah Madeline.  Madeline is my nanny for the summer.  She is the daughter of a physician friend from work and has worked for me at OSU before.  She just finished her first year of college in Newport, Rhode Island, at Salve Regina University.  She is brilliant.  She is artistic.  She is athletic.  She is driven.  She is hilarious.  I could not have asked for a better role model for my girls.  She is patient and caring and my girls adore her...we all do.

This picture says it all.  We have taken over her summer completely.

No, you can't get her number.  I'm not going to even mention her last know who you are you babysitter stealers out there!

  They are not going to be able to let her go in August...

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