Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Takatoka

On Sunday we took Emma Jane to Camp Takatoka for the week.  The camp is on Lake Ft. Gibson near Wagoner, Oklahoma.

She went for half a week last year, but this summer she is going for a whole week!

It was hot and the grasshoppers were deafening.  But it reminded me of being a kid and going to Kiamichi Church Camp when I was a kid.  I loved camp!  I didn't mind the heat.  We sat under a big metal pavilion (chapel) and sweat and sweat and sang songs and sweat.  We slept in bunk beds and put kool-aid in the shower heads and ran from daddy long legs and swam and sweat and sang hymns.

Here is my happy camper.  I can go a week without talking to her.  I can.  It will be fine.  I will be fine.  I know she is happy and sweating and running from daddy long legs and swimming and sleeping in a bunk bed and singing songs about elbows on the table.  (I need to learn this tune)

See, I am fine...

I look happy, right?  I will be just fine without my eldest for a week.  It is just 6 days really.  And 6 nights.  And 17 meals.  And 18 bedtime books.  And 27 hugs.  sigh...

I sure hope she is having fun...


  1. Yes, she is having fun...and you will be fine. I will send her an email shortly.

    BTW, is it pronounced "take-a-toke-a"?

  2. It is pronounced tock-a-toke-a. And thank you for sending her an email. I pre-mailed letters last week so she would get one today at mail call, and tomorrow, and the next....

  3. The one in Cherokee county is pronounced that way. And they allow you to send munches in the care packages.