Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Lake - Old Friends

This is Dakota.
Dakota and Emma Jane have gone to school together since they were 4 years old.

This is Dakota's dad, John.

Dakota's dad invited us out to his lake house and that is where Emma Jane learned to water ski.  I don't have pictures (I KNOW) of her water skiing for the very first time.  I feel terrible.

This is Dakota's uncle Danny.
And his daughter Camryn.  Danny and I went to NSU together and he took the first job that I ever wanted.  I wanted to be a college recruiter for NSU and we both applied for the same job.  He got it.  I didn't.  I'm still a tad bit bitter about it.  But I digress.

This is Dakota's brother Brooks. 

And he likes to pester Lucy.  But she kind of enjoys it just a little.

We went tubing.  And by we, I mean everyone but me...I was too busy taking pictures. (actually, I am a sissy)

 John tried to throw the big kids off the tube.

I think my eldest wants a motor boat now.  She had so much fun she may never want to go back to our lake and our boat.

I love this picture of Mike.  I can hear him laughing now...

 We rode around in golf carts and rangers and watched fireworks and played on a beach and had burgers and ate on the sofa (gasp) and the kids have never had so much fun.  

So in addition to Emma learning to water ski, there was another turning point in our life. A point from which all things will be measured.  Everything before today will be "before Lucy discovered Funyuns".  And everything from here out will be the after...  Thanks John.

And those of you who complain that I need to have someone else take the camera and snap a picture  or two, this is why I do not let others take pictures of me.  Because then the truth will get out.  I really just stand around chugging beer while making macaroni and cheese.

Thanks Danny.  

We had a blast at the lake with Dakota and his family.  I am not sure who these guys are but they seem like they belong in the kitchen with me.


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