Thursday, July 26, 2012

Printing Instagram Photos

As you may know, I am an Instagram fanatic (username is fontsavant, by the way).  But how do you get all those gorgeous Instagrams from your phone onto actual paper you can hold or display?

Here are some resources that I have found and used.

Red Stamp is an app that you load on your iphone.  The app is free and allows you to take any photo from your phone and put it into a postcard.  I like it because it uses my contacts to select the addresses and I can customize the words on the postcard.  It is supposed to save your credit card but I must have a bug because I keep having to reenter mine.

The postcard is very thick and glossy.  And beautiful.  The colors are true to the original.  And I did it all from my phone.  The postcards are printed and mailed for you to the recipients.  I mailed myself one so I could see the quality.  I was not disappointed at all.

Another iPhone app I use is Postal Pix,  I ordered 5x5 prints of my pictures (they also offer 4x4).  The 5x5 prints are 89 cents a piece and the 4x4 prints are around 30 cents a piece.  They ship very fast and I received my order in about 5 business days.  And again I did it all from my phone.

They are printed on glossy photo paper.  I am not a big fan of glossy but was not given the choice to select matte.  The photos are pretty and true to the colors.  They are just not my favorite.

And yet another app I use is called Postagram.  This app allows you to send a photo that is inside of a postcard.  So the receiver can pop out the square photo and just keep the photo and not the whole postcard.  It also accesses your addresses from your contacts on your phone and is customizable and super easy to use.  However, the postcards are very dark and the pictures seem a little dark as well.  And once you pop out the photo, it has those pesky perforated edges that most people don't care for.  I do like their thickness though.  And there is a message on the back of the photo that you can customize.

Now if these babies were magnets that popped out and they popped out that would be amazing!

Speaking of magnets.

I also ordered Instagrams from Stickygram.   This is not an app on the iPhone but a web site.  So you will need a computer and an internet connection.  And as much as I want to do everything from my phone, this is worth lugging out the laptop.  When you use Stickygram it accesses your Instagram feed.  You see all the photos you have on instagram and can select which ones you want printed onto magnets.  You select 9 photos for 9 magnets that cost $15 with free shipping from England.  I ordered 2 sets.  They turned out so beautiful!  They are a matte finish, which I love and the magnets are thick.  And they tear apart cleanly and perfectly.

I totally recommend Stickygram.

But if you don't want magnets then you have to use  Printstagram.  This is also not and app.  You must also log in and it accesses your Instagram account.  But they are by far my favorite printers.  I ordered these little mini books (2 for $12) with 50 photos each.

The photos are almost embossed onto the card stock.  The black ink is shiny and sits on the surface.  The quality is like nothing I have seen. 

I also ordered prints from Printstagram as well.  I ordered 24 photos on 4x4 paper (cardstock) for $12.  They are heaven.  The prints are matte and the cardstock is heavy and smooth.  It is the nicest photo stock I have ever seen.

They are simply the nicest photos I have ever held in my hands.  HOWEVER, it takes a while to get them.  I ordered mine on July 8th and received my beautiful prints all the way from China on July 24th.  But THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT. 

Here is a side by side comparison of postal pix (5x5) and printstagram (4x4)

The photo on the left is glossy and thin and cost 89 cents but arrived super quick. (And you can order 4x4 for much cheaper)  The photo on the right is matte and thick and cost about 50 cents and arrived in about 2.5 weeks.  If you can wait, I recommend you order from printstagram.

I am going to order their stickers next!  I will keep you posted!

So for prints - Printstagram,

For magnets - Stickygram,

For postcards - Red Stamp, (you will need to download the app from the app store)

What is your favorite way to print your instagrams?  Please share in the comment section.

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