Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I LOVE Instagram

Take an ordinary photo...not that pretty...nothing remarkable about it...

and make it look like this (in 12 seconds)

Open instagram and select it:

Crop it nicely (removing that ugly utility pole):

Fix the poor exposure using this sunshine button at the bottom (called lux).

Choose your filter.  I really like Lo-fi.

Play around with the blur button.  Use your fingers to pinch or expand the area you want clear.

You can do a circle or a line blur.  I decided I wanted the Arcadia sign to be clear so I changed to the line blur.

Then I clicked on the green check mark and gave it a hashtag.  A hashtag puts your picture in a searchable category.  I gave my picture the hash tag route66.  I could have also used roundbarn.

You cannot have any spaces in your hashtag.  Typing #round barn will only give it the hash tag of "round".

Now isn't that a better photo?

If you tap on your hash tag (#route66) it will bring up other pictures with the same hashtag.

I love Instagram!

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