Monday, August 27, 2012

The Iliad (or a blog post that is just as long)

We were lucky enough to be invited back out to the Gee lake house for a Greek party this weekend.  The hostess (with the mostess) is a woman named Carol (Grandmother "Nan" to Dakota).  You can read about Dakota and his family here.

Anyway, Dakota's dad, John has a place on Lake Ft. Gibson in a community called Rainbow End. And Nan throws extravagant parties every summer at this very festive location.  I had heard that she was quite the party planner.  In fact the invitation that John sent out said that she was the "mother of all party planners" and that the "children who attend would be more successful in life than those who did not".  I have to agree.  She is the "mother of all party planners" AND our children's success is secure now that we have attended a Carol Bentley party.

This is Carol (Nan).


She planned everything down to every detail.  She had games planned for the beach.  Arts and crafts planned for the porch.  And a traditional Greek feast planned and prepared for the pavilion.

We started on the beach with some swimming and then proceeded to play games.  There was a race on horses (noodles) through the water around an obstacle and to Helen of Troy (or Helen of Rainbow End).

Then they played "Medusa Hair".  This involved shaving cream and the tossing of Cheetos at the head of the partner.  It was exactly like the ancient Greeks used to do.

Nan also had a game involving ping pong balls in a cup and a spray bottle.  The kids paired up again and tried to get the ping pong ball to float out of the cup by spraying water into it.  This game required a lot of patience from the bigger kids who were paired with the younger kids.  Look at Dakota's face in this picture as he talks to "bug" in the orange life jacket.  He was smiling at her the entire time.  He never lost patience with her.  I love this kid...


Nan even had accessories!  Helmets...

And swords... (think Greeks vs. Trojans)

And ropes for a rope game.  We started out all tangled up in a web of ropes and arms.  Then we had to work together as a team to untangle ourselves. 

I think Camryn knows how to solve this riddle, she's just not telling.

Because some folks are having way, way, way too much fun...

After traditional Greek beach games, we headed up for arts and crafts.  The kids made laurel wreath crowns and fans with feathers and glitter glue.  We brought our togas but adorned them with gilded accessories created by the kids.

Apollo and Hermes

After the kids made their accessories it was time for the feast.  Nan spared no expense.  She introduced these kids to food that many had never seen (I know mine had not).

The menu included olives in every color, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, dates, apples, grapes, honey, feta cheese, cucumbers, goat cheese, hummus, pitas, chicken, stuffed grape leaves, almonds, pistachios, yogurt and wine (the kids had grape juice).  Since the Greeks did not have plates or napkins, Nan had them use flat bread for a plate and more bread for their napkins.

The Greek Gods and Goddesses sat on the floor wearing their togas and laurels.  They ate with their hands and tried new food.  With each new food that was presented Nan would ply them with Greek cultural facts.

Here is Nan explaining about the pomegranate.

Thank you Carol Bentley for including us in one of the best family-friendly parties I have ever had the pleasure of attending.  Your attention to detail is amazing and your research and diligence was evident.  You really do know how to throw a party!

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