Monday, August 13, 2012

Toy sorting blues...

We emptied Lucy's room on Sunday. I mean we took everything out. We piled up her toys in the front living room so she could sort them into piles. (And so we could give some things away). She rediscovered her harmonica as we were cleaning. She laid on top of her pile of cherished possessions and played a mournful tune on the harmonica. Nobody knows the trouble she has seen...nobody knows what it must be like to be Lucy...


  1. so .. how did you sort them .. color .. category .. kind of play ... ???? did they get put back into lucy;s room ..

  2. Well we sorted them into categories of like toys...barbie pile, stuffed animal pile, free happy meal or sonic toy pile (discard!) and dress up pile. Then we donated about half of everything. She had all of Emma's old toys plus whatever she has received and it needed to be edited. You should see the back of my van...maybe I will take a picture.