Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our vacation Part 1

We are on vacation!  We left Tulsa Saturday morning and picked up our happy camper from Camp Takatoka.  We loaded the van on Friday night and picked up Emma from camp.  With a quick stop in Tulsa to get new glasses (she lost hers at camp) we were on our way to Colorado.

We stopped in Kansas for dinner.

Lucy was so glad to have her sissy back.  (We were too)  I was crying when we finally got her back.

When the sun set we saw an incredible lightning storm over Goodland, Kansas.

We spent Sunday with my brothers and my nephew Parker.  We went swimming and played and had dinner in Boulder.  A thunderstorm came in and we needed our jackets.  We had a delicious dinner and a great visit with the family.

This was the view when we came out of the restaurant.

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