Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Emma Jane and Target

When Emma Jane was three years old, we had three different "incidents" in Target.

1.  At this time in my life I had two computers at home, (Mac and PC) both with huge monitors.  So Emma Jane thought I had one big computer, except she didn't say computer quite right.  We were in the stationery section of Target when she saw a store clerk using a small net-book to do inventory.  It was tiny.  Emma was not impressed with his small computer. She walked over to him and pulled on his pant leg.  When she had his attention she pointed to me and said "my Mama has a BIG pooter".  I just smiled and nodded while I mouthed the words "'s huge".  What else could I do?

2.  Also that same summer, we would jump off the back of the boat and swim back to the ladder and she always wanted to race.  She would dog paddle as fast as she could and we would say how we were going to beat her to the ladder.  One day we were walking down the big aisle when she suddenly said "Mama, I will race you to the toy section!"  So I was feeling playful and started to chase her.  She took off running yelling "don't beat me, Mama...don't beat me!"  She meant 'don't beat me to the toy section'.  As I chased her down the aisle I saw several moms give me the evil eye because they thought I was about to hit my child.  I did not beat her...

3.  We were getting a new camera battery at the electronics section of Target.  A young man was helping me and 3 year old Emma Jane was bored.  I was wearing a skirt and Emma was behind me and she decided to put my skirt over her head.  Now for the record, I was wearing underwear (very small underwear) when she exclaimed from underneath my skirt "Mom!  You are supposed to have panties on!!!!"  No less than six people turned to look at me and the battery guy dropped the camera and the battery onto the glass counter top.  As the battery rattled against the glass, I had to resist the urge to explain to the people who had heard her, that in fact, I WAS WEARING UNDERWEAR.  I just grabbed the camera, pulled my 3 year old out from under my skirt and held my head high as I left the store.

You were warned...No Filter!


  1. That last one has me laughing out loud! Great stories.

  2. Yes, the last one was making me laughed out loud!!! hahahahhaa