Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Move Over Mama

This weekend I lost my title.  I was once the funniest member of our family.  No more.  I have been usurped.  I have been dethroned.  Emma Jane delivered more one-liners, quick witted comments, and hilarious insights than I can even remember.  I do not do her justice with my poor memory.

She really found her rhythm this weekend.  We were having conversations and ZING!  Cue the 9 year old with a great one-liner.  And it took us all by surprise and we laughed even harder because the delivery was perfectly timed and given by a 9 year old!  Wit can not be taught.  She just found her groove and went with it.

We had out of town guests staying with us this weekend.  Tim and Bri came in from New Jersey.  Tim has an infectious and very loud laugh.  Before he arrived Emma Jane was preparing Lucy for how loud it would be.  She said that they probably wouldn't be able to get any sleep until the adults went to sleep because Mommy would be making Tim laugh and Tim's laugh would be rattling the windows.  But she was slightly wrong.  The loudest laughs did indeed come from Tim, but the person causing those raucous outbursts was Emma Jane.  And she delivered them with the most matter of fact face.  As we all grabbed our bellies because we hurt so much she just sat there in repose waiting for the noise to die down so she could deliver the second wave.  She killed.

Tim and I met when he was a third year medical student.  I was walking down a hallway and he was talking to someone when I overheard him say "tiller and rudder".  I walked up to him and interrupted his conversation and said "my name is Emily and what did you just say about a sailboat?".  The rest is history.  He came to our lake 2 days later on Saturday and brought his boat.  We were out sailing when the wind died and we motored over to the "green goose" and asked if they needed a tow back to shore.  He had dinner with us that evening and started crewing with Mike on race days.  He met others at our lake and made fast friends.  When he graduated from med school we lost him to residency in Chicago.  But we still kept in touch and he and his lovely bride Bri asked Emma Jane to be their flower girl. 

On a beautiful, cloudless day we loaded up Tim and Bri and Sue and Cassie and went sailing.  It was perfect.  We had great friends who would rather be on a boat than any other place on earth.  We had great weather and the lake almost to ourselves.  This is Cassie.  Emma Jane was the flower girl in her wedding which you can read about here.

We love Cassie.  She was a strong, confident, independent girl.  Now she is a strong, confident, independent woman.  And her husband is serving his country and won't be back for a year.  Whew...that is one tough girl right there.

These are our dear friends Tim and Bri.  We were meant to meet.

As I mentioned earlier, Emma killed.  She had us all in stitches.  We scared the gulls away we laughed so hard.

Something unusual happened on Sunday.  Emma Jane got seasick.  She was down below playing with her sister and the waves were choppy and she got motion sickness.  She put on her life jacket and came up top and was very quiet.  She was staring at the horizon and I knew something was wrong.  Then she turned to the back of the boat and lost all her lunch.  This has never happened before.  I was sad for her and explained that everyone on board had gotten seasick at one time or another (I'm actually not sure Mike ever has).  After about 7 minutes of recovery and washing her mouth out with water she quietly delivered another zinger to reenter the conversation.  Tim Teel said "she's baaacckk".  And just like that our little comedian was feeling better.

I tell this story so you will know why this picture is so funny.  I was taking a picture of Tim and Bri (see above) when I asked Emma Jane to join the photo.  As she walked across the boat Tim smarted off with a comment about vomiting or not vomiting.  As her mama, I immediately thought that her feelings might be hurt by Tim's comments.  But without missing a beat she grabbed his hat off his head and did this...

We all erupted in laughter again.  I will move over now and make room for the new queen of comedy.  Consider the torch passed.

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