Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We have turned a corner in our relationship.  If you are still coming to this blog to read about our little part of the world then you must know that from this day forward, the filter is off.  We must be friends.  We must be close.  I must know you well enough to overshare.  Just so you know.  Consider yourself warned.

In my circle of friends and colleagues I am famous for my stories.  The craziest stuff happens to me.  And some really embarrassing things too.  But probably embarrassing things happen to you as well.  However, I bet you don't tell everyone.  You probably keep those things to yourself.  You probably edit yourself and decide that some stories are best left untold.  Well, not me.

I am going to try to retell some of the best stories in the next few weeks.  Most of you have heard these, but some of you have not.  And since this is mostly a journal for myself, I feel it is important to record these in detail.  (Sorry, Mike!)

There are so many categories.  Stories involving kids, stories involving poop (I told you...I warned you), stories that prove that I really am half blonde.  Where to start...

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  1. Oh my word, I cannot wait!!! Love you friend!