Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crafting resolutions

In addition to writing/blogging more, I am resolving to spend more time in the craft room.  I have a very nice space to craft in but never seem to have the time to craft anymore.

I specifically want to do more sewing.  And I would really like to sew with Emma.  She has shown an  interest in sewing and I want to nurture that interest.  She is old enough now to learn a few skills and take off on her own.  She recently sewed a pouch filled with rice which she calls an "ouchy pouchy".  You can put it in the freezer or the microwave and put it on what aches.  Lucy asks for one every time she gets hurt.  They are really useful and she used scrap fabric to sew them so the cost was negligible.

My hope is that if I write this resolution down for all to see, I will keep it.  And thereby have something crafty to blog about.  I think our first project should be aprons because I think learning to ruffle fabric is a very important lesson.

Will someone out there in blog land pester me until I do this???

1 comment:

  1. I want to craft more too!!! Cute apron...I've been wanting to make matching ones for Emmy and myself.