Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am not much of a resolution maker.  In the past I have made resolutions only so I would have something to say when people asked me.  And I resolved to do some pretty quirky things.  For instance, in 1998, my new year's resolution was to learn to make balloon animals.  I learned to make a stick and a dog with uneven legs.  In 2003 my new year's resolution was to learn to juggle (I never achieved anything remotely close to juggling).  I am starting to sense an underlying circus theme. 

I am going to make a resolution that is more practical this year.  My new year's resolution is to write more.  Emma Jane has a writing teacher that forces her to write these detailed essays each week.  And most of the time she does not want to.  But her writing teacher says it is about building discipline.  Sitting down to make yourself do it is half the battle.  The other half is coming up with the creative juices to write something you are happy with.  I am making a resolution to do the first half...sit down and write.  I may not always be happy with the creativity portion but I am committed to writing down my thoughts and stories anyway.  Whether they be carefully crafted or hastily jotted, I am going to start blogging about our lives again.

One of my brother's told me in an email that he loves checking in on my blog at night, and he hopes I never stop.  Another relative from Malaysia told me she feels connected to my kids through my stories.  Whether I feel like it is important or not, it will be important to my family one day.  I will also be setting an example for Emma Jane that sitting down to write is important. 

New year, new me.

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