Thursday, January 31, 2013

I (REALLY) Heart Chemistry

You may have seen the Instagram photo of my new BeEr glasses.  They were a present from Santa this year.  He apparently gets my dorky side and also understands my love of beer.  With these glasses I can fulfill both my need to look like a geek as well as my need for beer.

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This brings me to yesterday when I was sitting with a group of med students, one named Timothy and one named Coy.  I remarked that you could spell both of their names using the periodic table of elements.  Timothy is Ti (Titanium) Mo (Molybdenum) Th (Thorium) and Y (Yttrium).  Coy is spelled quite simply using Carbon, Oxygen and Yttrium.  They said that that had never dawned on them.  I said that it was because I taught Chemistry that my mind immediately can think of all those symbols and makes the connections to names when I meet people.  Coy looked at me and said, "I have taught Chemistry for the last 6 years and it has never once occurred to me that I could spell my name with those three elements."

Maybe I am the only one...

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