Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lucy's First Word

A few days ago, Lucy asked me what her first word was.  I laughed out loud because there is some discrepancy as to what her first word actually was...

When she was about 7 months old, Emma Jane came running into the bedroom yelling, "Mom! Mom!  Lucy said her first word!"  I was dubious that an 7 month old would be speaking yet but I said, "Really? what was it?"  Emma Jane said, "She said 'two' in french!  She said 'deux.'"  Now that sounds an awful lot like baby babble to you and me, but Emma Jane was taking French lessons at the time and she was positive that Lucy was speaking French.  I asked her if she was holding up two fingers or something.  Emma Jane said "No, but there were only two of us in the room."  I said, "So does this mean she can count too?"

Emma Jane replied, "Oh mom!  She's gifted!"

Addendum:  Her first word was actually "Dada" spoken around 11 months old.


  1. Look at that cute, squishy baby! The story is so cute.

  2. One of my favorite Lucy and Emma Jane stories!