Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fabric Flower Tutorial

I have noticed that there are all kinds of fabric flowers on Pinterest.  So Emma Jane and I decided to make some.  We used scraps from a fat quarters to make the flowers.  I cut the fabric in 2 inch by however long a fat quarter is.

I ironed the 2 inch strip in half to make it 1 inch wide.  Then we used chip board to hot glue the end of a piece.  Emma Jane started to roll the fabric and then pressed it into the chipboard.

Then she began to twist the fabric and glue it down as she went around.

Once we ran out of fabric we trimmed the chip board with scissors so that it didn't show behind the flower.


Then we hot glued the chipboard to a wreath we wrapped with burlap.  I attached some paper flowers we made a long time ago using a Martha Stewart paper flower kit.  I added some ribbon and tulle and hung my wreath.

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