Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I have this talented friend Aime...

I have this talented friend Aime.  She lives in Beverly, Massachusetts.  She and her husband Alex moved to Tulsa for a brief time a few  years ago.  They bought our old house on Darlington from us.  We became fast friends due to all our common interests.  We both love to sew, craft and be creative.  She taught me to knit when I was on bed rest with Lucy.

Anyway, I am so sad that she can't come over anymore for craft time or dinner.  She and Alex moved back east and now she runs a home preschool.  She is sooooo talented.  She has always been able to paint these intricate designs and I was the beneficiary of this talent in the form of refrigerator magnets, a rocking chair for Lucy and numerous other things that I cherish.

The most recent medium on which she is unleashing her creativeness is cookies!  She paints them with icing and they are little works of art.  Too pretty to eat.  I want to frame them.  However, when you smell them you will not be able to resist gobbling them up.  I was at least able to hold off long enough to take pictures and then we devoured them quickly thereafter. 

I, of course, could not have been more pleased by the custom stamp on the letter.  What a beautiful display of my love of chemistry and her affection for me!  Priceless!

You can see her creations and I think order something soon at The Painted Pastry Blog.

Thank you Aime and I miss you so much.

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