Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the mend

Lucy is improving slowly.  Her respiratory issues are resolved and now we are just treating the flu.  But I think we might be past the worst. 

She has been a very patient patient.  She covers her mouth when she coughs (even in her sleep) which is great because she is sleeping with me.  We have always had a rule about no kids sleeping with us.  I broke all the rules this week.  She has had way too much TV in the last 4 days.  She has eaten on the sofa (gasp), slept with me, and watched back to back to back episodes of Caillou. 

Thanks for all the well wishes.  My sweet neighbor across the street brought us a pan of lasagne (Get Well Lucy Lasagne).  My dearest friend Jen took Emma while we were in the hospital (I think she is secretly hoping we will have another emergency so she can be whisked away again).  I am so lucky to have people who step up.

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