Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tough Crowd

I was recalling another Emma Jane story from when she was in Kindergarten.  That particulary Christmas I made custom notepads for all of her teachers (she had 1 home base teacher, 1 teacher's aid, 1 music, 1 PE, 1 art).

Now, you may or may not know that I have a printing business on the side.  I design, print, and glue notepads from my home.  I have more printers than one person should have.  I have a guillotine cutter to cut the pads.  I also have a paper drill and pull the ribbon through myself.  I am a one-woman print shop.  I can then package them and send them out.  I don't have them made or order them through a wholesaler.  I make them myself.  This is important only because of what happened next.

When we took them to school the teachers were very impressed.  They said "Oh Emma Jane!  Did your mom make these?"  I was standing behind her when she said, "Well...kind of...She didn't make the paper, or the ribbon, or the ink."

Ouch.  Tough crowd.

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