Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trashy Books and Dirty Shows

Yet another great Emma Jane story.

When she was 5 and in kindergarten she went on a school field trip downtown.  Of the many places they visited, the Library was her favorite.  She was to draw a picture and have someone write the caption of what her favorite part of the field trip was.  Her picture was of books in a library.  Her caption read "I liked reading trashy books in the library".

When I saw her drawing and caption I asked her about it.  I asked her to explain what they did in the library.  She said that the teacher read them these books about a trash man that picks of the trash in trashytown and then recycles.  The trashy books were actual books about trash.

When I went into the school to have a laugh with the kindergarten teacher about my misunderstanding she told me a story as well.  A few weeks back Emma was yawning during morning meeting.  She asked her if she was tired and Emma replied "yes, I stayed up past my bedtime watching a dirty show with my dad". 

Upon further questioning, Emma revealed that last night's episode had the guy in a chicken coop cleaning out the dung.  The teacher asked if the show was "Dirty Jobs" and Emma said "YES!  We love that show!"

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