Monday, March 18, 2013

A Wedding, Three Lucys and a Leprechaun

What have we been doing this week?

We had something going on every single night this week.  We had student led conferences on Tuesday and that was wonderful.   I am so lucky my girls love school and have such outstanding teachers.  We also had swimming lessons twice this week.  Lucy moved from level 1 to level 2 class this week.  They decided she was too advanced to be in beginning swimming.  I wish you could hear the 4 year old version of her advancing in her swim class.  It goes something like this.  "Last week I did number 1 but this week I will do number 2 in the pool!" 

We also had gymnastics and then went to watch the sun set so we could catch a glimpse of the comet, PanSTARRS.  Emma was so thrilled.  She jumped up and down and forgot all about being cold.  Lucy was sort of interested, but the need for warmth won out over the curiosity of seeing a tiny dot in the sky through binoculars. 

We went sailing on Friday with our sweet babysitter/sister/friend/mentor/role model, Madeline.  It was 80 degrees and beautiful on the lake.  It got pretty windy but Mike reefed the main and we kept things pretty steady on the boat.  I forgot my camera so I am relying on Madeline to send me some pictures from that day (hint, hint).

On Friday night we went to a wedding for one of Emma Jane's teachers.  She got married in the school! 

Her name is LeeAnne Power.  And she has a daughter named Lucy Power.  In the car on Friday, Lucy was saying that her mom had mommy power and her dad had daddy power and her sister had sissy power and that she had LUCY POWER.  I explained that she was, in fact, going to meet a girl named Lucy Power.  She was not very excited.

I did manage to get a photo of the 3 Lucy P's at the wedding that night.  Pictured are Lucy Piper, Lucy Power and Lucy Plunkett.  Tri Lucy.  Lucy cubed. 

I was pretty excited, but I think I was the only one.  You see, both their first and last names can be spelled using elements.  Sadly, Plunkett cannot.  I know when I tell people this, the blank stare on their face should make me realize that they just don't really find it interesting.  You would think that I would stop.  But I don't.  I went ahead and made some files in case they want t-shirts made...

Just smile and nod.  I know I am weird.

On Saturday we went to the lake for the spring racing series.  We were to be crewing for Daniel who has a Corsair 31 trimaran.  The winds were too strong for little Lucy.  At the beginning of the first race, while I was at the helm of a 31 foot boat sailing 17 knots, getting sprayed by water, and having the time of my life, Lucy burst into tears.  She was scared and didn't like all the banging above board.  So I went down and held her through race one.  Then they delivered us back to the dock before races 2 and 3.  We sat on our boat in a very calm marina with no loud noises or choppy seas.  We had snacks and watched a movie.  All was calm, all was well.

We waited for Mike and Daniel (the skipper of the 31 foot boat) to return and then we ate and visited with all the friends we haven't seen all winter.  I love the first day back in the spring.  It is so good to see everyone and catch up.

On Sunday we had lake friends over for dinner.  It was St. Patrick's day and Emma Jane got crafty.  She made a leprechaun trap.  (I do not know where this idea came from.)  She had a gold coin to attract him and then a trap door triggered so that as he pulled the coin the lid slams shut.  We are still waiting to hear the lid slamming shut in the night.

And because it was Sue's birthday (the day after St. Patrick's day) and because Sue is Irish, and because Emma did not catch a leprechaun, she made a leprechaun for Sue.

What a crafty and creative girl she is.

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