Friday, April 5, 2013

Gateway Quilt

You have heard that marijuana is a gateway drug?  That it leads to harder drugs?  Well, I don't actually believe that.  But I do believe that this rag quilt is a gateway quilt.  I was just going to try it once.  I wasn't going to ever do it again.  It was just a one time thing.  Besides, it was just a rag quilt.  It was just going to be something I tried.  Once.  I would get this it out of my system.  It's not even a REAL quilt anyway.  It doesn't have to be finished on the edges or quilting stitches put in when it's finished.

Well now, I am getting into the hard stuff. I have to up my game.  I need finished seams that have been pressed and trimmed edges and batting!  Aghhhhh! 

I forgot where I was going the other day because I saw a fabric shop.  I was supposed to be getting my girls from school.  I went in and got lost in fat quarters (pieces of fabric cut to 18" x 22").

Then I found myself enrolled in a quilting class.  She said "Wait, aren't you making quilt already for your daughter's school?"  And I said "Well, yes.  But why not make two?"

Up next...

I have to go now, I'm jonesing for a fat quarter...

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