Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of Pre-K for Lucy and the last day of fourth grade for Emma Jane.  Here is a before and after, a beginning and an end.

The last day at Mayo is full of fun.   They have yearbook signing and beach blanket bingo and they play in the water from a fire truck.

You can read about last year's fun here.

But this year we are in a new building and building new traditions.  And this year I had two kids to watch and take pictures of.

Two of Emma's favorite teachers who have made the blog in the past.

Lucy Piper was her literacy and math teacher and really pushed her to do great things this year.

And Mrs. Power-Jimenez who we dissected brains with in August and who got married over Spring Break.

It was partly cloudy and barely reached 70 degrees.  It was a little chilly when you got wet.

And finally a photo of Lucy's teacher for the second half of her Pre-K year, Mrs. Eakes.

We are going to caption this one..."I SURVIVED A YEAR OF THIS CHAOS!!"

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