Saturday, May 25, 2013


It has been a strange weekend here on Texoma.  The weather has felt more like the pacific northwest than North Texas.  It has rained and stormed.  Last night we decided to pile into Davis' boat to sleep in the air conditioning.  As we slept in the V-berth, I could hear the rain beating down on the top of the boat.  If we had been inside our boat with all the hatches closed and no air flow we would have been suffocating.  I find the tug-o-war with the dock lines to be disorienting.  The wind is blowing the boat one direction and the dock lines suddenly go taut and pull the boat back in the other direction and so the fight goes on all night long.  I was so glad to have my family all under the same deck.  We had quite a thunderstorm and I was constantly checking on the littlest sailor, but she slept right through it.

Mike is sick.  Quite sick.  He had raging allergies when we left Tulsa and now I believe is fully in the throws of a sinus infection or secondary respiratory infection of some sort.  He is miserable.  And he is trying to be such a good sport about it.  You know when you don't feel well, the last place you want to be is in cramped, hot quarters and in charge of everything.  I feel terrible for him.

So with the weather being so weird and rainy and our skipper being so sick, we haven't had a lot of sailing time.  But Granna just arrived today so maybe the next couple of days we will be able to go exploring and see some of this beautiful lake.  And if not…that is just fine too.  The girls are having fun regardless.  They wish they could swim more.  But we went for a swim this afternoon and it was a bit chilly.  For the record, I was the only one who thought it wasn't too cold.  Both my girls were complaining almost the whole time!  We have been to the petting zoo twice.  There is a calf named Boom Boom and a chicken named Lucy.
Tonight we went into town (I have not idea what town) for dinner to celebrate Mike's birthday and on the way back we saw a double rainbow!  it was amazing!  Lucy just kept saying "Daddy, that was real!"

I hope to write with news of a much improved Mike.  Happy Sailing!

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