Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Photo Opportunity

Today we went to a wedding.  I love weddings.  Weddings are an excuse to get my husband in a suit and tie and vest and well...oh my....well, um...oh sorry, I guess my in laws are reading this...

I love weddings.  Weddings are an excuse to get my kids in coordinating outfits and take family photos.  Today, my cousin Anna got married.  She was in my wedding when she was 6 years old.  She was the flower girl in our wedding 18 years ago, and now she is getting married to the nicest young man. We got all dressed up for her wedding and because our hair was clean and I was wearing make up (shocker) I wanted to get some family photos.

Mike's brother Bob was in from Florida and even though it was his birthday I asked if he would do something for me.  I asked if he would please come and take pictures of us as I would very much like to be in some photos with Mike and as you are about to find out, he knows how to take pictures!

Gosh, doesn't Mike look good in a tie and vest?

Oh, I'm sorry, you probably want to see Emma Jane and Lucy too.

And here is a real treat.  Something you do not see very often here on the Creative Element Blog.  Are you ready?  A picture of the whole family!!!!!

And another.

Mike and I got photo-bombed by Lucy

Bob captured a great picture of me with the girls.

Love that photo Bob...thank you...

Just in case you are wondering what we are laughing about.  Right after the shutter clicked Lucy and I fell on our bottoms.

Thank you Bob Plunkett and Happy Birthday.


  1. Beautiful FAMILY you guys are amazing!!! I LOVE YOU ALL so much!!!
    Love Katie Morrow

  2. Beautiful pix. I'm so jealous that you actually have pictures of yourself with your family! I tell Chris that he better start taking pictures of me with the girls, b/c if I were to die tomorrow, they would have no idea who I was!

  3. Hi Emily! What a lovely family you have. Hope to see you some day soon!
    Cousin Philip