Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Art

Emma Jane went back to an art camp this summer.  You can read about last summer's camp here.

This year she could not wait to go back and she really had some amazing instructors.  She came home each day covered in stage make up.  She has a very cool instructor who would put fake wounds on them each day and also taught them how to paint each other to look like the musical CATS.  I am thinking of hiring Emma Jane to come up and do the wounds on the mannequins at work, her bruises and burns looked very good.  She had lots of fun with Zombie make up and such.  I think Halloween might be pretty interesting this year. 

She made quite a few mixed media pieces including this one. 

I wish I weren't so busy.  There is much to say about our summer and family and a little four year old who is growing too fast.  And I want to tell you about her big sister who is maturing into a young lady who is so consciencious of everything.  Yesterday, as we were walking into my office she told her sister not to hit the automatic button on the doors for handicapped people because it opens both sets of doors and lets too much air conditioning out and must waste so much energy.  Who thinks of that at ten?

But I am overwhelmed at work and at home and I have to go. 

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