Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer night

Tonight, after we both had long days at work, Mike and I decided to take advantage of the long summer evenings and the close proximity of our lake and head to our boat. Only we didn't go to our boat. We took out the little boats.

We drove thirty minutes to our lake and put together the little dolphins our sailing fleet has and set out to have ourselves a little sail. Only by the time we got the sails raised there was not a lick of wind. So we paddled and swam and sailed a little to an island that the girls have been dying to explore. 

We left the boats along the shore and walked along the edge of the island. Lucy and Emma love to explore. 

This is the island that has goats on it but they were not on the beach where we were. We were pretty disappointed that we didn't get to see Lomo up close. 

The girls found quite a few treasures. 

Just as we were leaving Emma Jane said she was looking for a friendship rock but probably wouldn't find one (a friendship rock is a rock with a hole in it).  I told her that I was looking for a fossil but probably wouldn't find one. About 20 seconds after I said it she found a fossil.  

Mike tied my boat to his and paddled us back to the dock. There was only one paddle so he was the hero and we three were the damsels in distress. 

Lucy wanted to know why we didn't do this in the first place...

As we were putting the boats away and the sun had gone down, Mike put the girls out on a boat to "get them out from under foot".  They have such a sweet way of entertaining each melts my heart. 

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