Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School

Today was the first day of Kindergarten for Lucy and the first day of fifth grade for Emma Jane.  It was our second year in the new building.  We were all a little less frazzled this year.  Lucy was much less apprehensive this year than last year.

We have been up there volunteering for about a week.  Mike built a closet/room for the Einstein teachers to store things in.  And Emma recently hemmed some curtains for the teachers.  So once again it was a team effort to get the school ready for the first day.

This is the last year that the girls will ever be in the same school together.  And Lucy is really attached to her sister.  When Emma takes a shower, Lucy sits in the floor of the bathroom and plays with her barbies.  She can't bear to be away from her.  I hope that as Emma's need for privacy grows, Lucy's independence increases.

Lucy was all ready to conquer Kindergarten.

And Emma was ready to be the leader that she already is.

Lucy gave her daddy a great big hug before her big day.

We practiced introducing ourselves last night to the teacher.  I was the teacher and I said hello to Lucy.  Then Lucy said, "Hello Mrs. Beckman, my name is Lucy, it is nice to meet you.  I am ready for a great day."  Emma Jane was pretending to be Lucy's mother and then started to cry and refused to leave the classroom and made a really ugly was really rather embarrassing and kind of funny in a 'hitting-a-little-too-close-to-home-kind-of-way".  My children apparently know me very well.

So, after snapping this photo, I ran off without making a scene and hosted a breakfast for the new Mayo parents and didn't cry one tear...or make a scene...or refuse to leave. 


  1. Love it. Was thinking about them as we drove by this morning (apparently to late to see you all). Two beautiful girls that we are proud to call our neighbors, I hope they each had a wonderful day!

  2. So sweet and THANK YOU guys for all your help! I'm sure everyone at Mayo appreciates it! Jaclyn Brylczyk

  3. oh emma .. you nailed it right on the head !!!