Sunday, August 18, 2013


Seventy five years ago today my dad was born in Malaysia.  He has come a long way from southeast Asia.  He has seen a lot of things.  He lives alone on his own property outside of Poteau and takes care of his plants and trees and house and is master of his own domain.  He works very hard on his house.  He takes a great deal of pride in his home. 

He grew up in poverty in a country ravaged by war.  He was raised by his aunt in Ipoh, Malaysia.  He fell in love with America and has become enamored with the cowboy way of life.  He loves the rocky mountains and the American west. 

I used to think he was quiet but he is not.  He is a talker.  He likes to talk and will talk to anyone.  Once when we were in the slot canyons in Utah, he sat and talked to some hikers for hours while we explored.  When we came out of the canyons they said they knew everything there was to know about my dad.  I looked at my brother in complete shock.  (I wanted to ask them to tell me what they knew.)

He loves his family very much.  We had some of his friends over for dinner tonight and he brought the book that his sons bought him for his birthday.  He wanted to show it off.  Then he sat and talked about his sons to his friends and how they were living in the most beautiful part of the country.  (Greg and Tim, he loves you two very much and is very proud of you.  The book you sent was quite the hit of the party.)

He doesn't make plans.  He likes to just show up on his own time, without regard to your plans.  He has started to figure out that that might not be the best idea. 

My dad is old school.  It took me nearly a week to get in touch with him to invite him to this dinner for his birthday.  I called his house every day for 6 days.  Then when I finally caused the phone to ring when he was inside the house and was able to get him to answer it, he said he would just have to see what the day would hold on his birthday.  So I had to tell him that I had invited his friends over and that he WAS coming to Tulsa on his birthday.  He reluctantly made in premeditated, purposeful, thought out, non-spontaneous, actions.  It must have been really weird for him. 

My dad is seventy-five years old today and I am so grateful he is here and in my life.  Happy Birthday Daddy.


  1. sweet post...I think the next post about your dad needs to include the high schoolers checking out his ride at sonic.