Friday, October 25, 2013

More Boat Time

Because we were in Dallas and heading home, and because the kids were out of school for one more day, and because we can't seem to get enough time on a boat, we drove up to Lake Texoma on our way home and stayed on Grandpa's boat for the night.

Now it's October here in Texas/Oklahoma and the nights are cooler and that is just when sleeping on a boat is the best!

Food tastes better on a boat.  It also tastes better on a cool fall evening when the whole cabin is filled with not only the smell of the chili but the heat from the stove.

That is the moon over the water.  We played cards and then snuggled down into our bunks for the night with the cool crisp air blowing across our faces all night long.  The sounds of a few halyards banging and the occasional discontented duck were the soundtrack to our dreams.

The next morning while the smell of bacon and coffee was permeating every cubic inch of the cabin, Emma took the camera and started snapping pictures.

My I just woke up and I am not really sure you should be pointing that thing at me look.

This photo is what Emma Jane titled "Classic Mom".  Iphone in one hand, coffee in the other.

Lucy's don't bug me face

I love the next series of shots Emma got while Lucy and I were playing.  I am so happy to have my own little photographer in training.  How lucky I am to be raising a child with such an eye.

And always thinking of inclusion, she made sure she got Daddy in the action too.

I love this growing girl.  She surprises me every day with her talents, but more importantly with her kindness and loving spirit.  She is equally at home holding her own in a conversation with adults or entertaining young children who are feeling nervous.  She is fascinated by the atomic spectrum of an element and how that is unique to each element, but just as interested in art and literature and sewing.  She is a creature who refuses to be labeled.  She is comfortable with herself and that is what every parent hopes and prays for.  I am in awe of her.

We had a great time aboard Miss Magic.  Thank you Grandpa for letting us stay there.  As with camping, we tried to leave it a little better off than before we got there.  We sure took away more great memories.

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