Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Warning!  There is some gore here.

This year for Halloween, Emma Jane wanted to go gruesome.  She decided she wanted me to use my simulation make-up skills and make her into something gross.  In September when we started discussing Halloween she said she wanted me to give her a wound or a compound fracture or maybe a knife wound.  The problem arises that we try to go as a unit each year.  The three of us try to go as a theme and how would I go gruesome with my eldest daughter while still sweet and cute with my youngest.

This is how we decided to be the firefighter, the fire dog and the burn victim.

I sewed Lucy's costume. 

Mike burned Emma's clothes to make hers.  I borrowed mine from the Tiawah fire department (and man was it heavy).

And I used my make up magic to make Emma look really quite disgusting.  She could not have been happier.  While Mike was out burning her clothes with a blow torch, she came in the house and said,
"The power of Mom plus the power of Dad equals AWESOME!"

Told you it was gross.  But she was so happy with how it looked.  She said multiple times how cool she thought it all was.  I have created a monster!  But one who is really proud of her momma...  She said to me on Halloween night, "I don't know which is cooler, that you can sew Lucy's cute costume or make such realistic burns on people, or that you can do both.  But I will always remember Halloweens with you...always."

Please let her think I'm cool in 3 years.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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